Check out the photo gallery to see photos of Laura in action! 


June 2019

Laura appeared as a guest co-host on WVON's "Real Talk, Real People" with Art "Chat Daddy" Sims

May 2019

Laura appeared as "Flo" from Progressive Insurance in Chicago's WGN Morning News' comedic sketch, "Adjusters Endquote"

March 2019

Laura appeared as a guest on WVON's "Real Talk, Real People" with Art "Chat Daddy" Sims

January 2019
Laura appeared as a guest co-host on the inaugural episode of Mancow Muller's return to radio on WLS-AM! She recurred during the first few weeks of the show.  Tune in weekdays, 6a.m. to 9a.m., as you never know when Laura's voice will grace the airwaves!

November 2018

Laura appeared as Catwoman in Chicago's WGN Morning News' comedic sketch, "Batman of the People"

February 2018 

Laura guest-starred on Kevin Can Wait on CBS and played "Cheryl" in the episode entitled 'Wingmen'! 

Laura appeared on Chicago's WGN Morning News in a spoof for President's Day where she played The Bachelorette vying for presidents from the past!

July 2017

Laura became the face of the Oak Brook Hills Hotel (Hilton).

May 2017

Laura appeared as the magician's assistant on Chicago's WGN Morning News in a comedy sketch with WGN's own Wink Winkle played by the hilarious Jeff Hoover! 


Past updates from Laura Orrico's previous official website:

September 2012

Happy to start at 'Upright Citizens Brigade' in Los Angeles!

Listen for me and Fred Wolf as guests on Grand Theft Audio!

Follow me on Twitter @laura_orrico

Created a montage of a few impressions and characters! LINK

August 2012
'Between Two Out of Work Actors with Gach Zalifianakis with special guest, Katy Perry's ex!' It trended on Funny or Die! A spoof of 'Between Two Ferns' with yours truly playing Zach!

Appeared in 'The Class of Chicago Comedy Fest' at 'The Westside Comedy Theater' in Santa Monica! show featured several amazing Chicago comedians from Fred Willard to TJ Miller and Emo Philips and yours truly! Here's a pic from the green room w/ Emo Philips after our performances!

June 2012
On The Big Show with John Boy and Billy talking about my latest viral videos! Listen and spread the word! 8:10am Eastern Standard time. Love those guys!

February 2012
Had the honor of attending 'The Freedom Gala' at the Ronald Reagan Library which honored 40 Medal of Honor Recipients.

October 2011
In New York for my guest appearance on the late night talk show, 'Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld'!

August 2011
Vimeo page is up!

The Laura Orrico Official Facebook "Like" Page is up!

Attended Marley and Me Two Premiere with actor Randy McDowell!

November 2010
Aged over 40 years to play the role of Barbara Boxer in David Zucker's Spoof Call Me Senator! Starring with an incredibly talented cast of actors; Clint Howard, Jack Scalia, Nick Searcy and Ed Ames. The video has gotten over 6 MILLION hits collectively on all the sites it has been posted on. To watch CLICK HERE!

Signed with Peter Young at Sovereign Talent Group! 

October 2010
Attended the Thai Film Festival reception honoring the Princess of Thailand!

Attended the CSI:New York Annual Bash! Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band rocked!! Always a blast! Thanks, Gary!
For photos, click HERE!

March 2010
Shot a tax day spoof video with Josh McDermitt of 'Retired at 35"!
Click here to watch: Turbine Tax - Tim Geithner Edition

February 27, 2010
Attended the Freedom Gala honoring Medal of Honor recipients. An amazing evening, and lovely tribute to our American Heroes!

January 2010
People's Choice Awards red carpet after-party with actor Randy McDowell (Paranormal Activity and CBS's Elvis) for Britti Cares International, a fundraiser for cancer awareness for children.

I have raised $22,000 for Dr. Keith Black of Cedar's Sinai brain tumor research. You may send a message HERE to get info on how you can donate. 

October 2009
Attended Iraq Star Foundation benfit, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting war veterans recovering from physically disfiguring injuries. A Night For Honour, hosted by Dr. Phil McGraw with special honoree Gary Sinise.

August 2009
Honored to take part in a video for with Leeann Tweeden, Max Martini, Bill Whittle, Elizabeth Chambers, and Armie Hammer (The Social Network).
*All voice-over actors in the video are autistic.
*Produced by Dana Commandatore
*Directed by David Emery and Michael Broderick
*Director of Photography... David Emery
*Written by D. Commandatore, M. Broderick & S. Kapp
*Edited by Peter Tomaszewicz
*Music by Boris Zelkin and Deeji Zelkin

February 2009
Shooting A Way to A Woman's heart with actors Gabe Gomez and Hugo Garcia! Produced by Allard Cantor.

It was truly an honor to be invited to The Celebration of Freedom and be in the presence of so many American Heroes. 43 Congressional Medal of Honor recipients were received on the red carpet to a well deserved stream of constant applause and cheers! This included men from WW2, Vietnam and Korea. Co Hosted by: Gary Sinise, David J. McIntyre, Jr. and Bruce D. Brereton. Lifetime Achievement award: Nancy Reagan. John "Tex" Reagan McCrary Award for Excellence in Journalism: Alex Quade Bob Hope Award for Excellence in Entertainment: Charles Durning American Hero and Actor. Distinguished Citizen Award: General David Petraeus Among the 43 Medal of Honor recipients other speakers, supporters, and attendees included: The spouses of these wonderful men, John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting sang, Tom Selleck, Katherine McPhee, Craig T. Nelson, Jon Voight, Connie Stevens, Allen Covert, etc.... But most importantly the AMAZING HEROES who have kept us safe for so many years and continue to do so. THANK YOU!

December 2008
The Beverly Hills Hotel: December 7, 2008 Laura Orrico was Awards Hostess with Host Mark Walberg for the 2008 Caucus for writers, directors and producers Awards. Caucus awards were presented to Gil Cates, Producer of the Year, with Bill Blinn winning the same spot in the Writer category, Steve Binder, Director, and Tina Fey topping the Actor/Hyphenate category.

November 2008
Working on the film, The Actor and playing the lead role of Ginger Marx, very excited! Great shoot with a very talented cast and crew!

July, 2008

June, 2008
Started work on a short comedy starring Cedric the Entertainer for Writer/Director Mike Soccio.

May, 2008
Continuing shooting episodes of Frank TV for TBS.  Don't forget to tune in this fall!  Check your local listings.

April, 2008
Just started working on episodes of Frank TV for TBS.  Watch for all new episodes this fall!

Attended the CSI:Miami Wrap Party.

March, 2008
Played the lead in a short comedy for Director Bailey Kobe.

Febuary, 2008
100 Grand Spec Commercial for Director Brooke Hanson.

January, 2008
Bob Bergen's Animation Voiceover Class.

Made it into VANITY FAIR!

Febuary, 2007
I just Guest-Starred on CSI: Miami as Mia Graham.

December, 2006
I just finished filming the pilot Room 401, directed and produced by Ashton Kutcher for MTV.

MAY 15, 2006
Listen for me on 'THE KING OF QUEENS' as the Burger Joint Employee!

MAY 2006
An improv comedy show! May 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th (Thursdays).
Starring a group of brilliant comedic talent: Laura Orrico, Carl Peterson, Kristy Chavez, Rich Funk, Xochitl Romero, Adriohn Richardson and Caleb Martin!
on the NEXT/TRE Stage @ 8pm.
1523 N. La Brea (2nd Floor)
Hollywood, CA 90028
Across from the Holiday Inn. Tickets $10 and INDUSTRY is FREE!

MARCH 2006
Completed filming 'THE KING OF QUEENS' episode as the Burger Joint Employee.

MARCH 7th-28th 2006
Every Tuesday at 8PM Laura performs in CAPTAIN CARL AND THE SAFETY PATROLImprov Comedy at The Next Stage 1523 N. La Brea 2nd Floor Hollywood, CA 90028. Reservations/Questions: 818.470.3733.

Febuary 2006
Just joined an amazing Improv Troupe and we begin performing in March.

January 2006
Just booked a role in a Sean Lennon Featurette. Shooting beings soon!!!

December, 2005
Attended THE RED PARTY event at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

November 2005
Shot a short film called CAT'S EYE directed by Brooke Hanson also starring Tammy Barr, and Niki Saletta.

June 3, 2005
A KILLING ON THE RIVIERA, directed by Nancy Norton and starring Laura Orrico and Jade Kirdain will premiere in Los Angeles.

January 2005
Busy with pilot season!

September 2004
Performed THE LAURA ORRICO SHOW at Improv Olympic in Hollywood. The show went great and was a big success! A mix of Improv, sketch and spoof videos! Starring Laura Orrico and Mark McDaniels! Written, directed and produced by Laura. SOLD OUT!!!!

August 2004
Welcome to LauraOrrico.Com Version 2.0! Hope you enjoy the new design and layout.

June 2003
Co-Starred on the first episode of THE ORLANDO JONES SHOW in a skit making fun of guest Adrien Brody's kiss with Halle Berry at the Oscars.

She's also working on a comedy show with the very talented comic actor and stuntman Mark McDaniels.

May 2003
Played a Secret Agent Shopper inside Pepe Le Peu's Store in LOONEY TOONS: BACK IN ACTION.

April 2003
See Laura as the Ad Executive in the hilarious comedy CHASING PAPI.

January 2003
Laura attended the Golden Globes HBO party!

November 2002
Laura recently had a role on JUST SHOOT ME with David Spade and George Segal as the flirty waitress. Watch for the episode on Tuesday evenings in February!

October 2002
CHANEL's "CHANCE" LAUNCH PARTY. Laura at the launch party for Chanel's new fragrance "Chance" Benefiting RAINN and The Lower East Side Girls Club of New York, Chanel Boutique, Beverly Hills, CA.

March 2002
Thanks to Second City Chicago, I got an auditon through them for a TV pilot for Animal Planet and booked it! Dogs VS Cats! Let's hope it gets picked up!